Improving Float Center Efficiencies


Welcome back, Dylan! Although a bit sleep deprived, Dylan is back to share how the first two weeks have gone with baby Erica, and Erica and Sandra pop on the podcast for a quick hello!

Over the course of time in a float center, we evolve our procedures and discover the best products to increase efficiency, shave minutes off of flipping float rooms, and generally make life easier. Our hosts detail their procedures for cleaning float rooms, including products used. They share how they’ve implemented technology to automate as many tasks as possible (lights, alarms, pumps, etc.). Dylan also talks about driving traffic online to decrease the amount of long phone calls coming into the center.

Our hosts reflect on the holiday weekend at their centers and the factors contributing to whether or not they participated in Black Friday. Although a chaotic day focused on commercialism, can it be worth it to fight for the piece of the pie? Our hosts also debate the pros and cons of sales occurring closer to Hanukkah and Christmas. Sales could attract shoppers but could also be selling your business short when shoppers are out buying gifts anyway.

Lance and his partner, Matthew, are making gains with their Oasis tank remodel, lining the tank with fiberglass so that they can be liner-free. He talks about the process of preparing the tank for hydronic heaters. Amy spent a few days in Florida for rest and recuperating and, when she returned, learned that her team of employees had stepped up to support each other when one employee had a family emergency. Dylan shares how the Float Shoppe will soon be revealing a new, simpler membership structure.

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