Mission Statement

My goal for this website is to address the most efficient ways of running a float center and inspiring thought and discussion regarding everything covered.  This will cover pricing strategies, advertising and a general walk through of opening our shoppe, the mistakes we made and the lessons learned.

Very few people on this Earth have actually run a float business, but the number of those who want to is rising. That means the information we have is valuable to those who want to open a center. Sharing this information could help anyone succeed sooner and avoid the pitfalls our businesses has experienced.

Having a discussion regarding any topic will inspire further insight. Everyone who reads this blog and listens to this podcast will have more ideas than those presented. Many of these ideas will be better than what is offered here. If nothing else, this should provide excitement and get the wheels turning in your head of how you want to run your business. There is currently no perfect way to run a float center. Now is our time to define the art of the float.