Building Bridges with Float Centers


Amy and Dylan discuss the importance of creating relationships with new float center owners in your area. It can be a delicate situation to reach out to other owners, so Amy shares how a new owner in Nashville was brave and vulnerable and reached out to her for help. She shares ideas for how to reach out without appearing threatening. Dylan shares his own experience connecting with another new owner in Portland too. (TIP: Plants and drinks are a good idea…) They also share ideas for discussing new centers with your staff and clients, how you benefit from having a good relationship with other owners, and how to set boundaries with all parties. Listen in to see how you can handle yourself in a tough situation when you aren’t able to create a great relationship, and how to keep your sanity and stay focused on your own business and not the competitive aspects.

Amy’s recovering from pneumonia and enjoyed a little time off from being closed for a few days for the holiday, a much needed break as she prepares for the opening of Float Alchemy. But it wasn’t all rest; she shares how she and her team knocked out some deep cleaning and maintenance.

Dylan and The Float Shoppe hosted a Black Friday/all weekend sale, but they extended it through the weekend to ensure there wasn’t a huge FOMO (fear of missing out) rush for clients nor his team. He shares a bit about the specifics of how he advertised the sale and how clients responded, and the polarity of participating in the sale and contributing to the chaos of Black Friday, while trying to represent the calm vibe of the float business.

Amy shares that she took a different approach and didn’t offer a sale, but she planned ahead with an Open House event instead. But stay tuned next year… Float Alchemy will be taking a different approach!

Amy and Dylan also discuss the fierce advertising competition and the shift in consumer behavior to shop more online than in-stores, and how far your advertising dollars go on Facebook, especially given the demographic data you can analyze from it.

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Float Collective: How do you build bridges with other float centers? Chime in on the conversation to keep today’s topic flowing.

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