Firing and a Convo on Psychedelics


As float center owners, our mission to care for and heal people naturally extends to our employees, so, if an employee begins to appear unhappy in their work or if they’re no longer serving the mission of the center, it’s difficult to embrace that they may no longer be a good fit. How do you know if the issues are ones that can be worked through with interventions and coaching or if the employee is no longer a good fit? Amy details the steps that she and Mark at Float Nashville carry through to make sure that there is clear communication with the employee, opportunity to improve, and documentation throughout. She describes the fine line between giving the employee room to grow and knowing when you’re just putting off the difficult conversation that it’s not working out.

The best way to prepare for the occurrence of having to fire an employee is accepting that it’s going to happen at some point. Dylan, Amy, and Lance discuss how you can prepare by knowing labor laws in your state, implementing systems of employee review and intervention, and deciding now where that fine line is for you and your business.



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One response to “Firing and a Convo on Psychedelics”

  1. Robin Avatar

    Another option is to cut their hours way back. They will most likely leave on their own then.

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