254: Is it Time to Sell Your Float Center?


For one of our co-hosts, it is. Bomb dropped. (Well, it was ignited on a previous episode, if you listened closely, but here, we let it all out.) Someone is out. Would you ever sell yours?

You’re about to hear all of the why’s, the what if’s, and the why not’s, but most importantly the “how we got here”. Float center owners are a special breed, and unknowingly, starting a center often ignites an insatiable entrepreneurial spirit. This person shares a bit about how that spirit is leading them to another adventure, while they still love the float and are in a position to leave while things are good.

A memorable line you’ll hear: “I’m comfortable with hope and chasing the dream, and I thrived when I was building the float center.” That explains a lot, for a lot of us.

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