224: Float Research Collective Roundtable Discussion


We are so excited to share the roundtable discussion that took place after Dr. Feintsein laid out his vision for the Float Research Collective. Thanks to everyone who participated in this!

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2 responses to “224: Float Research Collective Roundtable Discussion”

  1. Terence Avatar

    The fact that there have been no peer-reviewed studies after some 70 years is a huge red flag. This is why talking about floating isn’t valid as continuing education for medical doctors. This is why float marketing feels like selling snake oil. Without peer review of research, this is just paying to sit in a large tub of lukewarm, salty water; any other claims made are specious and should be looked at with suspicion. I’m stunned that no serious research has ever been done.

    1. T Avatar

      Hi Terrence, Have you looked at the peer-reviewed studies on floating? You can find a list here: https://www.clinicalfloatation.com/publications

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