156: Farewell 2018


It’s been a long minute since our last episode, so in this episode, we’re catching up on all the big Art of the Float news! Dylan and Sandra welcomed their second baby girl to the world, and they had big plans to keep things running smoothly at The Float Shoppe since this was their second time around with taking a little absence from the center. As reality would have it, some hiccups at the shop meant they weren’t able to keep things running quite according to plan, so they’ve been juggling the bigger family, new baby, and float center. Amy’s second location, Float Alchemy, is still a challenge with unpredictable revenue and operational nuances that are the opposite of her first location. She’s still in tenacious mode, balancing several businesses with virtually no time off.

We also take a moment to reflect on the past three years of the Art of the Float podcast, and say farewell to 2018. And we welcome the new for 2019: revisiting old topics to inject new knowledge, a new co-host, some tweaks to the format, and yes, a new theme song

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