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Hey folks, today I am posting a letter from a float friend who is working on starting his own float center. As you will read, he has a long journey ahead of him, and I am very inspired by his determination. He is going through a difficult time right now and I am hoping that we can have people post comments of inspiration or some kind of insight for Rishi.

Hey Dylan,
It’s Rishi here. Hope you are all well.
I landed here in Canada exactly two weeks ago and it hasn’t been easy.
Apparently to set up my own business I must either be a citizen or a permanent resident. So now I have to get along the business of becoming a PR. Which is what I am about to do.

I will be leaving to work for 15 months in a small town, 3 hours away from Edmonton in Alberta. Seriously, the population is 175. I will work in some oil rig maybe. But if I have to realize my dream of opening my very own “float shoppe” I must go through the process.

But it hasn’t been easy emotionally. I thought I’d write to you seeing as I feel you’d understand. Everywhere here(Western society) it’s about consumerism, own this, buy that, possess this or that. It’s an uneasy feeling. Haha.

Anyway. In a way just knowing that you guys- the entire float community is there, is reassuring. Hope the months fly and I come over to float at the shoppe.

Take care

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4 responses to “Becoming a Resident to Start a Float Center – Dylan’s Salty Mailbag”

  1. Natasha Avatar

    Hey Rishi,

    Keep in there 🙂 we are in Calgary opening up and you are welcome to come and work in our Center if you need work (not far from Edmonton). We would love to have an enthusiast to floating around, and understand the pain and hassle of becoming a PR in Canada.

    Aside from our offer though, a good company to apply for is Kentz canada. They treat their staff amazing!

    Feel free to contact us at anytime (even just to chat)

  2. Chaz Allen Avatar
    Chaz Allen

    Hello Rishi!
    My name is Chaz Allen and I am currently in the process of opening my own float/healing center and no doubt it is a ton if work….constantly! The thing is that we are not going into business for ourselves to take the easy way out, so to speak , we really are choosing the hard road less traveled but in my opinion to put in the work, the time, and obviously the sweat is worth it 100%!!! To float people and help them start to heal themselves as well as healing yourself has got to be thee most rewarding feeling, I know it is for me. So do what you have to do my friend and at the same time never lose that drive to help another. You will prosper in this venture in time!
    Lots of Love and Light on your path Rishi!

    ~Chaz Allen

  3. Rishi Avatar

    Dylan, thank you so so much. I like to think I am a manly dude but I cried when I saw this. So much so that I couldn’t make this reply right then.
    You know, you guys are an inspiration in so many ways. In my head(I love dreaming, making stuff up) we’ve already met and we hang around often! That will be a reality.

    Natasha: just the fact that you guys are so close has me excited. I have been here for close to 3 weeks now and I just didn’t feel like floating here in Toronto. And yes, I’d work, for free….just to get the exposure and have company.

    Chaz: Thank you for that comment and you are a hundred percent right. It isn’t about the “business” or making money. Whilst that is a requisite my goal is to create a community, and like you said, to simply see people heal and prosper.

    I was a scriptwriter in Ottawa for two years(studied it) and movies are my other passion. I somehow feel these two passions can be combined: therapy and arts.
    So, I leave in two days. The town is called Wandering River and the population is 115!! I’ll keep you updated and be in touch constantly.
    Again, thank you Dylan.

    1. Jack Avatar

      How are you making out Rishi?

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