39 Days of Construction – an update on the Float Shoppe


Today I would like to walk you through what I’ve been up to the last 39 days!

It actually started much more than 39 days ago, when our landlord asked us if we would want to rent the first floor of the building next door if the current renters moved out. After a short deliberation, we said “Yes!”.

Wait, actually it started months before that when we realized we were building communities at the Float Shoppe as gatherings, women’s groups and meditation classes started bubbling up in our space. We knew that this was something special and something we wanted to help flourish. Meditation groups in a float center are fine, but other groups tend to be a bit loud, so we knew we would need a new space.Okay, the story goes back even further, but for that you’ll just want to read my first few blog posts documenting how Sandra and I first met and then started our float center.

FS Community
A 3-D model of the new space designed in free Google software, Sketch-Up Make

Lets cut back to 39 days ago, September 1st… We received the keys to our new space and began physically building out a new part of our lives and business. We had 4 rooms in the new space and we wanted to use them in multiple ways. One smaller room would have wood floors and be used for 1-on-1 fitness and yoga, massage, etc. Another room would be carpeted and be used for small group talks, readings or therapy. Finally, we would take down an existing wall separating the other 2 rooms and make a large space for group classes (yoga, fitness, gatherings). In the end, these rooms could really be used for anything someone wanted to rent them out for, the only guidance would be they should fit into the realm of holistic wellness and that the wellness of people should be made a higher priority than making money.

We will also be hosting our own activities, primarily yoga out of this space. We took on a partner Alyssa for this expansion, who has a passion for community, yoga, and helping others, so she matched perfectly with us. She has spearheaded creating classes officially hosted by the shoppe.

Saturday October 12th is our grand opening, and we are almost all done with construction! To be quite honest, I’m burnt out. Managing the Float Shoppe, this blog and the expansion has taken a toll on me, including lack of sleep, minimal socialization, minimal physical activity, poor eating habits etc.

Sandra and I knew we would be pushing hard for this opening date, and we knew the sacrifices we would be making. In a lot of ways this has been more difficult than our original build out because of how much we already have going on in our lives, but the short time for construction means we always can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This gives us reprieve. Oh, that and the fact that we have had a wonderful response from our community already. So many people have shown up to help paint, sand etc. It’s been quite amazing.

Considering this has all happened within 2 years of being open, it’s hard to fathom where we’re going to be 2 years from now. All I can say is, we’re still just getting started.

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3 responses to “39 Days of Construction – an update on the Float Shoppe”

  1. Graham Avatar

    Looking wonderful guys! I completely understand the burnout of running a center and doing construction. ;{D

    Can’t wait to come by for the opening. Congrats!

  2. Dylan Schmidt Avatar

    Awesome Graham! See you Saturday!

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