How Shampoo & Conditioner Improves our Customer Experience

Two posts up this week! If you missed Tuesday's post about float tank heaters, you can find it here. I can't believe I'm writing an article on which shampoo and conditioner we use here at Nature's Gate Daily Herbal Shampoothe Shoppe! To me it feels like the least important product in a float center when you consider everything that goes into running a float tank business. With that said, we receive emails and phone calls throughout the week about the products we use. A little while back we started ordering Nature’s Gate Herbal Daily Shampoo and Conditioner. The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, moreso than I was expecting (personally I don't use shampoo and conditioner... Try it, it's great!). If I take a step back though, it makes sense. After limiting your sensory input for 60-90 minutes, your body has a system reboot. You leave with heightened sense and everything feels fresh again. If something is particularly positive to your senses (like a wonderful smelling shampoo), it makes sense that it would stand out. Smells often association strongly with memory, and if you couple wonderfully scented products with customers making a strong positive association with your business, you have a winning combination. I think that attention should be placed on every detail within your business, small and large, as each detail consciously or unconsciously will affect a customer's experience at your facility. It took a flood of calls for this one to click for me, but the importance of the products in our shower is now just as valid as what type of music we play or how someone is greeted when they walk into our doors. It's all part of our float center experience. Nature's Gate Daily Herbal Conditioner If you would like to purchase Nature’s Gate Herbal Shampoo or Conditioner, please support us by purchasing through these amazon links. This has also been added to our Recommended Products list.