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We’re teaming up with Pro Float to bring our recommended and economical hydrogen peroxide test kits along with other product offerings. Clicking the BUY link below OR use promo code aof at checkout to receive FREE SHIPPING this Commercial Test Kit & Any 16 OZ reagent refills for orders over $200.

The Taylor Technologies Hydrogen Peroxide Test Kit (K-TRIO). This test kit comes with 3 x Reagents @ 16 OZ (1 Pint) each.

This Commercial Centre Test Kit provides the best value and long term solution for all float tank centres. Save on shipping by not having to reorder Reagent Refills throughout the year.

• Molybdate Reagent (R-0601-E)
• Bleach Reagent #1 (R-0664-E)
• Taylor Thiosulfate Reagent (R-0774-E)
• Sample Tube
• 3 x 2 OZ Drop Test Bottles
• Case, Label and Instructions


Test Kit Refills:

Anti-Vibration Mats

Why These Mats?
Vulcanization chemically combines the rubber and sulfur. At high pressure and high temperatures, the sulfur atoms form links or bridges between long chains of the rubber molecules. This increases the rubber’s strength and durability and reduces its stickiness. It also makes the rubber retain its elasticity at a much wider range of temperatures, making this product far superior for sound reduction over other low end rubber products. Standard Size: Width = 55” | Height = 102” | Weight = 105 lbs


FlowVis Flow Meters

Pro Float Inc is the official Float Industry Distributor for the only NSF Certified FlowVis C-Saline Flow Meter. This product is new for 2017. Ingenious in concept and flawless in operation, FlowVis® C-Saline is revolutionizing the way float centre owners and operators measure flow. FlowVis® C-Saline is the most accurate, reliable, NSF certified flow meter ever developed for the float industry.


PQN Sound Transducers

Waterproof Transducers from PQN Audio offer versatility to audio applications. PQN Audio Transducers will provide quality hidden audio emission through existing surfaces without the need to cut typical speaker holes. Completely hidden and completely waterproof, PQN Audio Transducers mount out of sight while needing a mounting depth of only 1.5”. Transform virtually any surface into a wrap-around music experience with PQN Audio Transducers. Originally designed for spa and bath applications, PQN Waterproof Transducers are perfect for new float construction as well as retro/replacement applications.


Other Recommended Products

Listed here are links for the items we recommend keeping your float center stocked with. We search the web for the best prices possible. I encourage you to purchase an Amazon Prime account for free shipping, you will see the savings very quickly.

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Float Room Basics

Nature’s Gate Herbal Daily Shampoo (How Shampoo & Conditioner Improves our Customer Experience)

Nature’s Gate Herbal Daily Conditioner (How Shampoo & Conditioner Improves our Customer Experience)

Body wash

Vinegar Water Solution

Neck Pillow If out of stock, we recommend this version (Find an article discussing this product here)

Silicon Ear Plugs

Vitamin A & D Ointment

LA Fresh Makeup Remover (Find an article discussing this product here)

Float Tank & Water Maintenance

Pure Health Discounts (H²O²) (Find an article discussing this product here)

Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips

pH & Alkalinity Test Strips

Stem Thermometer

Plumbing Lubricant is great for sealing filter lids and other non-permanantly sealed plumbing