Art of the Float is designed to help your center Thrive. Oftentimes focused on the floatrepreneur who likes to have their own hand in creating and running their business. We provide a massive resource of information, float media and float products, designed specifically for the float industry.


Meet Dylan: 

Unsatisfied with the world of IT and empowered by his girlfriend, now wife Sandra, the goal of creating a holistic wellness center with a focus around float tanks was born.

Dylan Calm

On December 14th, 2011 Dylan Sandra opened a  float center with 2 float tanks. Today, the Float Shoppe has 4 float tanks and 2 massage therapy rooms along with a counseling office. After several years of starting and working on the Float Shoppe, he expanded to helping others start and run their own float center, this started as a blog and has grown to all the resources and tools found here.