Justin Feinstein & His Published Research Study Review

This week’s guest likely needs no introduction, as most float centers know of him and have been anxiously awaiting the publication of his latest study. Justin Feinstein from the Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR) has just released the results of a five-year clinical study about the effects of floatation therapy on individuals with anxiety and depression.  Dr. Feinstein shares the details of how the program was run and who the study participants were. After an extensive search for participants, his team found 50 individuals with severe anxiety to try floating so they could then report whether or not floatation was helpful. He shares stories of the “before and after” -- almost as though he was speaking to two different people, before and after each individual’s float. The results of the study were overwhelmingly positive. Spoiler: 100% of participants reported positive short-term effects. Listen in for the three conclusions from this study. Dr. Feinstein also shares tips for how float center owners can make their centers more inviting to clients who have anxiety. From here, he is hoping to begin longer-term trials to study the effects a consistent, ongoing float practice, in addition to studies on other mental issues. This week, you’re probably expecting to hear good news about Amy’s second location opening soon with a temporary U&O (use and occupancy), but things don’t always go so smoothly… Dylan is beginning some transitions within his massage team. He also spent some time with Dana Highfill as she breaks ground at Float North in Portland. Dylan also shares the details of his Valentine’s Day promotion. Show Links Float Helm – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Float Fuel – Show Sponsor Pro Float Products Patreon 102: Starting a Float Center with Dana Highfill 68: Dr. Feinstein is hiring & gives updates from LIBR LIBR - Psychiatric Research Coordinator position Dr. Justin Feinstein - Examining the short-term anxiolytic and antidepressant effect of Floatation-REST 77: Float Researcher Tom Fine Sign up for Justin’s newsletter at the LIBR web page (right hand side underneath photo)