Discover the Float Collective with Dan Larsen

Learn more about the Float Collective in this week’s episode with their original American liaison, Dan Larsen, who is also the owner and operator of OlyFloat in Olympia, WA and the founder of his own ecovillage. You might recognize Dan from one of his roles within the collective as moderator for their Facebook group, from which he’s made an effort to devote less time to as of late - allowing himself the opportunity to find boredom again! He and the gang do a pretty good job of providing a clear distinction between the Float Collective and the Float Tank Association.  Whereas the FTA aims to fill the ongoing role as protector of the industry, geared towards float tank regulations and maintenance, the Float Collective aims to be a catalyst and efficiency machine for the industry, by focusing on individual projects as needs arise with marketing, resources, and turning visions into reality. A lot of folks in the float community feel that the FTA needs to be more organized and focused, and Dan touches on this topic, reminding float centers to take their survey to help them better serve our needs. He also encourages those who aren’t already part of the Float Collective Facebook group to request access. It’s not only a perfect place to feel supported and uplifted in your journey, but it also acts as a fairly effective database for answers to questions that arise along the way. Float Collective will be joining us on the podcast every month for an update on projects they take on! Keep an eye out for which episode they are featured in the show notes. Amy and Mark are in a much better place with the buildout of their second location, compared to the disappointment of last week when the contractors didn’t show up. All of the concrete is cut and things are officially started! Though, the untrustworthy workmanship of this crew continues still... A bathroom wall needed to be cleared and rebuilt 4 inches further to meet requirements. Sure enough, they tore down the wrong bathroom wall! To add to frustration, the landlord of the property called about an additional $200 for city taxes being tacked onto their monthly rent. Amy asks for feedback about acoustic tiles versus gypsum ceilings in float rooms, and she recommends a book that tells a story of staying on course with your calling through challenging times. The Float Shoppe has been a little slow on floats lately, but seems like finances have been evened out with an increase in massage bookings. Insufficient notice when massage therapists go on vacation has been a little snag in the flow of newly extended massage hours. Sending out a little reminder and communicating the time off policy was a simple remedy.   Float Helm – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Pro Float Products Patreon Virtual Roundtable - Holiday Marketing The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Float Collective Website Float Collective Facebook Group Float Tank Association (FTA) FTA Survey Episode 95: Soul of the Industry Part 1 NPR - Floating Away Your Anxiety And Stress