Soul Of The Industry Part 1 (Float Conference Workshop)


We all feel a bit like Lewis and Clark at times, mapping out otherwise uncharted territory as we navigate the world of float center operation, but wouldn’t it be nice if we had access to some sort of handbook? Or a wise mentor that we could call up anytime, day or night? Well that’s pretty much of what the Float Collective, a largely Canadian not-for-profit organization, offers – a continually growing, members only, verified and diverse community of fellow float professionals. The only price you pay to join is a bit of time, the screening process is understandably a bit backed up! In this week’s episode, we tear into the first half of the recording from the Soul of the Industry discussion, hosted by the Float Collective. You’ll learn more about who they are, what they do, and why they do it – and what they’re talking about when they say the ‘soul’ of the float industry. This is an open discussion that naturally flows from various people’s perspectives, who are working to identify what’s at the root of common, persistent problems that float centers face. There’s a very productive conversation about why educating our communities on floating presents itself as such a challenge, and how we can better approach that. Slides from the discussion are below!

With Float Nashville being located in the path of totality for the eclipse, the center was buzzing with tourists over the weekend, a welcome bump during a slow month. Amy talks about a special she’s running during August to help get new floaters through the door, and she and Dylan discuss the pros and cons of running specials during slower months.

Dylan reflects on something he heard someone say at Float Con that stuck with him in the best way, that “no one is getting rich in the float industry”. He and Amy talk about what that sentiment means to them, what it means about the people in our industry, and the types of wealth we do experience.


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