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We spend some time in this week’s episode reminiscing about the podcast’s origins... It all started  one fateful day when Brian ran into the Float Shoppe excitedly asking, “Is this a FLOAT place?!” He and Dylan quickly became friends, and then Brian had the idea to start a behind-the-scenes float community blog. That weekly blog commitment started in 2013 and evolved into a weekly podcast, which they’ve consistently put out for about two years now! Community has always been at the heart of the show, and going forward, the gang would like to further emphasize that and invite listeners to join us from time to time as guest hosts - please send us an email at info@artofthefloat.com if you’re interested! It’s important to us to discuss the challenges we face, but we would love to also focus more on sharing milestone wins going forward. Listener input means so much to us, so we are working to improve the cumbersome SpeakPipe method we currently rely on. Monthly updates from the Float Collective and Float Tank Association are also in the works. The next Roundtable Discussion is less than a month away on November 1st. It will be a great opportunity to get ahead of the curve with an in-depth discussion about Holiday Marketing - click here to sign up! There’s reason to believe that effective soundproofing could be a lot less expensive, and this has Dylan eager to get some conclusive data. Back in episode 74, the gang talks with Tobin Cooley about using Green Glue between sheetrock as a cost-effective soundproofing alternative to soundboard for larger jobs. While it is definitely a more affordable option, it is still very expensive. The question is how does Green Glue actually size up to the soundproofing ability of basic, non-hardening caulking? Could the difference truly come down to the fact that this product’s creators paid to have STC(Sound Transmission Class) testing done to determine a soundproof rating? If anyone would like to invest in getting a definitive answer to this question, click here to leave us a SpeakPipe, email us at info@artofthefloat.com or reach out to us through social media. Amy finally has permits to get build-out started on her second location, but first she had to go into the water and sewer department and sign off on a water contamination liability agreement because they aren’t installing grease traps on the shower drains. With the delay in permits being released, their construction crew have started on a different job. Luckily, this only puts them a week behind, and things will get started on Monday. The second float center is due to open in a short six weeks! Float Helm – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Pro Float Products Patreon Float Collective Float Tank Association AoF Episode 1 - most popular episode AoF Episode 74 - Soundproofing w/ Tobin Cooley AoF Episode 89 - Drew Kane, New Hampshire Float Therapy Clean Looking (And Smelling) Float Tanks blog post