Let’s Start a Float Center!


Dylan co-owner of the Float Shoppe, Lance co-owner of the Float Shack, and Amy co-owner of Float Nashville introduce themselves in the very first Art of Floating podcast. We hear about everyone’s first floats, what drove them to start their own float centers, and their ups and downs in the process.

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4 responses to “Let’s Start a Float Center!”

  1. Justin Hansen Avatar
    Justin Hansen

    I enjoyed listening to your podcast and I’m in Charlotte, NC and experiencing a shortage of access to a float center, so I’m considering opening my own Float Center. You’ve all mentioned your Business Plan and I see one’s available for purchase, but I’m trying access a business applicable to floating that can provide a template for me. Do you have one or a suggestion of where to find a Business Plan template for Floating?

    1. Jack Avatar

      Justin, I’m near Charlotte too.
      We should talk.
      Send me an email to tool_jack at yahoo.com

  2. Slavi Georgiev Avatar
    Slavi Georgiev

    Thank you for the podcast!

    1. Dylan Schmidt Avatar

      you got it! 😉

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