The Art of Floating: Present & Future

While Sandra and I are meeting the demands of running, growing, expanding and nurturing a business, Brian and I have managed to meet almost every Tuesday to go over our latest blog posts. We made an agreement with each other that we would blog for one year. No questions asked, no excuses. We agreed to create a blog post once a week for 12 months that both provides value to the float center community and ideally helps to move it forward. Based on the immense amount of feedback we have received over the past ten months, we believe we are hitting the mark we aimed for.

So what’s next? Running a float center is an ongoing learning experience and because of that we’ll always have more knowledge and advice to share with the world. In that vein, we have committed to writing weekly blog posts for another 12 months, continuing to offer technical and practical advice to starting and running a float center. We also have a few other exciting things in the wings, a few of which are mentioned below. These programs and tools we’re working on are only going to benefit the float community as a whole as we continue to build a support structure to help everyone’s business grow.

Recommended Products Page

In an effort to simplify shopping for our readers, we are compiling all the items mentioned in our blog posts to a single page. Our visitors seem to like the items mentioned in our posts, so we are creating a single centralized location where all the products we recommend can be viewed in one place.

Some of these product links are Amazon Affiliate Links, which means we are able to make a small percentage of income based on every purchase. Using affiliate link costs nothing to you but helps us pay for server and hosting costs. We encourage you to bookmark this page so that anytime you make purchases they are immediately available for you and so that we are able to receive a small portion of Amazon's income.

Partnering with Float On's Apprenticeship Program

It can be difficult for some to believe that competitors can get along so well, but Float On and the Float Shoppe continue to become closer friends. We have also become closer in our business relationship as we share clients based on their personal needs and float each other in our tanks. Recently we have deepened our collaborative efforts to include our own expertise as part of Float Tank Solutions' apprenticeship program.

The Float Shoppe will now be offering a full days apprentice for any individuals interested in offering multiple modalities in their business. Running a float center is an incredible task, and offering additional modalities can be just as big of hurdle. We will be covering this in more detail in an upcoming post.

Guest Posts

I am very interested in the growth and development of other float center businesses and would love to start introducing guest posts to the blog and share insights from others based on their own unique experiences. If you feel like you have insights, please get in touch and I'd love to get your post up for everyone to read!

More in the Works

We hope you stay with us as we roll out new features, tools and tips that will help you start and run your float business. Starting and running a float center is a massive undertaking, we are committed to helping you along the way.