Announcing Float Tank Review

Hello my salty friends! Last week we teased a big announcement from Art of the Float, and today we want to share what we’re working on. Let us introduce to you Float Tank Reviews. Float Tank Reviews is a long term project to learn about your relationship to your float tank manufacturer, customer service, build quality, performance, specs, and maintenance. Our goal is to educate potential float tank buyers to make an educated choice on their purchase based on their priorities. Something we want to get out of the way immediately is that this is not a “Yelp for float tanks”. We believe there are core issues with the design of Yelp which ignores how long/often someone has experienced a product as well as the key issue of timing. We don’t want to have float center owners leaving reviews during a stressful moment of owning their tank. We want to get a large scale picture of the tank, how it performs, and how tank purchasers are treated. Because of this, we will be calling float centers individually to answer a list of questions at a random time of the year. We believe gathering this data at random points will mean that with plenty of reviews, the data will level itself out to show true feedback for a tank and/or manufacturer. We also want to use Float Tank Reviews as a feedback loop to manufacturers. Not only will potential buyers be able to learn about the float tanks available, but manufacturers will have the opportunity to learn perceived weaknesses and areas of improvement for their products and service. Over time, we believe we will help accelerate the improvement of float tanks and customer service. Over the past year we’ve come up with nearly a hundred unique questions to ask float center owners, and whittled it down to about 15 that get to the core of what float tank owners value in their product. We’ve been in contact with float tank manufacturers and now we want to reach out to you. We want your input! Please let us know what data you want to see when looking for a float tank in the comments section.   A few other things to cover questions that you might have…
  • While we don’t have it completely nailed down just yet, we do plan on having a free version for general reviews and a paid version for those about to make a purchase that want a highly detailed view of the float tank landscape.
  • The launch date will be some time in 2019
  • There is no pay-to-win from float tank manufacturers. This will be an impartial review across all float tanks.
  What’s next? First, we want hear from you on what you think is important when buying a tank. Let us know what you value most in the comment section! Second, we would love for you to visit our site and let us know you’re open to us contacting you to ask our survey questions. We’ll be launching in 2019. The following year, we’ll learn about our processes and start it all over again so that we can get an ongoing measure of float tank offerings in our industry. Thanks for participating, we’ll talk with you soon!