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Do float tank manufacturers need to pay to be listed? No, there is no charge to be listed in the report.

Is this Yelp for Float Tanks? No, this won’t be a review site filled with upset customers. Our feedback loop of curated questions provides manufacturers anonymous data to help them improve their business and their float tanks and also allows float center entrepreneurs to have a place to find clear, concise, un-biased data on the different float tank options out there. Our hope is that this feedback loop improves the industry as a whole.

You advertise float tank manufacturers on Art of the Float Podcast, how do you maintain an unbiased stance? There will be no pay-to-win options for manufacturers. We will be offering questions to float tank owners in a scripted, unbiased, clear, and consistant manner so that any personal bias will not make it into the end results. We believe the integrity of this project is incredibly important.  

When will it launch / when can I see the data? As soon as we can in 2019!

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