180: What’s Happening During COVID-19 Closures

NSFW: It’s vent time, ladies and gentlemen. This episode contains a few four-letter words. 

Times, they are a bit strange. Someone’s binging on Netflix, someone’s not sleeping, somebody is hanging with the Tiger King, and someone else might be getting cozy with the whiskey. With all four co-hosts’ centers closed during the COVID-19 closures, the crew chats about their expectations for the national relief programs and what they’re each doing during the “downtime”. 

You’ll hear a few ideas for keeping in touch with clients, taking care of employees, and some sobering thoughts on the future of your own business (and theirs). To help with the nitty gritty world that must go on, Kim shares some tips for what to share (or not share) on social media, Drew poses some thought-provoking sentiments about offering sales right now, and the whole crew shares in a little love and support. There are pros and cons to each decision you’re making along the way, of course, so you’ll have to arrive at your own conclusions, but not without a few ideas and nuggets of compassion to help you. 

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