What to do With Employee Down Time

Float intros have been given, walk-throughs are done, and floaters are nestled into their tanks. Now what?! Today’s topic comes from Lance who is curious how Amy and Dylan structure what their employees do during downtime. Feeling the need to systemize and organize what gets done to ensure that employees are utilizing their time well and that tasks are completed, he’s also wary of losing the Float Shack’s relaxed, mellow work atmosphere that he and his employees have enjoyed since the beginning. Amy and Dylan share what works in their centers, such as providing checklists, utilizing project management software, and assigning challenging creative projects, and also discuss how such systems foster communication between employees from one shift to the next. Alternately, how much actual downtime is okay during downtime? Our hosts discuss the comradery that can come from encouraging employees to simply have conversations with each other, in balance with productivity to be sure. How about allowing Facebook and cell phone use when on shift? Are they privileges that employees should be able to manage, or are they distractions preventing employees from being present? Difficult decisions but ones that are crucial as a center grows and develops its company culture. [caption id="attachment_1184" align="aligncenter" width="600"]lance chuck wagon Recently discovered photo of lance racing chuck wagons[/caption]

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