157: We're Back Baby!

157: We're Back Baby!

Volume 2 is officially here! Volume 1 of Art of the Float ran for about three years, so we’re delighted to come back from a break with a fresh take on the podcast. As we dive into this new year and a new take, we also have some new voices on the show!

Drew Kane, owner of New Hampshire Float Therapy is a new host, who came into floating much the same way as Dylan. (Thanks, Joe Rogan!) Drew’s start comes full circle because he’s been a loyal listener of Art of the Float since his start, and he was a consulting client of AOTF. With only one float tank (in someone’s home) in all of New England, he seized the opportunity. Drew was a juvenile probation officer who went through a few big challenges to get his center open, but he stumbled on the perfect location and got creative with the landlord situation. Drew’s center opened in November 2017, and as of our recording date, he’s adding a third float room and just hired employees.

Rounding out the new hosting team is Gloria Morris, owner of three Float Sixty locations. Gloria opened three locations in Chicago and Northwest Indiana in only three years. Gloria comes from a tech background in database marketing, and her husband took her to float several years ago to relieve stress. She’s run her own marketing company for many years and worked in big data technology for a decade before starting her float journey in 2015. She opened her first center only 9 months after her first float. Gloria has a team of almost 30 employees across her three locations, so she brings a wealth of knowledge about leadership, scaling, and efficiencies.

Kim Hannan is a name you may recognize. She writes the show notes for each episode, but she’ll be joining each recording and will sometimes jump in live on the mic to share her thoughts. (Okay, I can’t write about myself in the third person for the rest of this paragraph….) After 15 years in the corporate world, I left my role as a training and marketing director just as we were getting ready to open Sukhino Float Center & Salt Cave in southern Indiana. I knew I was going to open a center before I had even had my first float. I roped my husband into my crazy idea, and after we studied and planned for four years, we finally broke ground. It was a challenging marathon of strange happenings to get the doors open, but we’re 5 months in, and loving the salty life. 

Dylan will take you on a stroll down memory lane with his start in the float world and how he and his wife Sandra launched The Float Shoppe. After hearing about floating on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Dylan became intrigued and eventually inspired enough to leave the cubicle farm and build his own center in Portland, Oregon, even though he never talked to Space Jesus. 

We’re all excited to bring you a new round of Art of the Float!