Water Maintenance Part Two - With guest Ashkahn Jahromi

The gang is joined this week by Ashkahn Jahromi, organizer of the Float Conference and one of the owner’s of Float On, to dive deeper into water sanitation. Picking up where our previous water sanitation episode left off, the group discusses pH, the optimal range for pH and why it matters. As Ashkahn describes, the consequence of pH to water in a pool is evident and defined, but there’s still much to be learned about its role in a float tank. Accurate testing for pH is evolving, and he shares what he learned through mailing a sample of Epsom salt and water to a lab for testing. Unless your health department requires it, you may not have a flow meter for your pumps. Ashkahn describes why Float On utilizes flow meters and how checking them every morning could alert their staff to a problem with a pump. Ideal levels of H2O2 are crucial, and you’ll believe that even more so upon hearing how the efficacy H2O2 actually changes if levels get below a certain ppm. Ashkahn describes why UV is a necessary piece of the disinfection process, particularly important when educating your health department about disinfection. Finally, the top things you can do to ensure clean water in your tanks, both through maintenance and through opportunities for upping your knowledge. Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor Float Conference – Show Sponsor Consulting information with Dylan Bob Crandall - Float Conference 2014 Ashkahn Jahromi's Email - ashkahn@floathq.com