Water Sanitation with Dept of Health's Jason MacDonald

Jason MacDonald from the Department of Health in Alberta, Canada joins the gang to discuss water maintenance as well as interacting with your local health department. Having been a health inspector for over 10 years, much of that time in aquatics, Jason breaks down why float tanks aren't pools in terms of regulation. He shares how you can best prepare yourself to present information to your health department by first understanding their view on factors such as disinfectants and air ventilation. For example, because health departments don't classify H2O2 as a disinfectant, Jason talks about the verbiage you’ll want to use in explaining the efficacy of H2O2 + UV. Our hosts pick Jason's brain on bodily fluids 1, 2, and 3! What risks do they pose, if any, and what should we do when we detect them in our water. He also talks about alkalinity and pH and how they relate to bromine vs. H2O2 + UV. As the potential for increased regulation is upon us, Jason explains why it’s in our best interest to present a unified front as we gather research that could impact all of us. At The Float Shack, Lance has shifted his focus toward client retention instead of attracting new clients. He and the team are working on more client one-on-one time, getting clients to stick around after their float, and increasing follow-up. Amy and the team at Float Nashville are also focusing on client interaction, and she received an overwhelming number of responses after posing a photo contest to clients in a Facebook Live video. Dylan and Sandra had to make a difficult decision this week, letting go of a long-time employee. Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor FloatHelm – Show Sponsor Consulting information with Dylan  

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