A Video Guide to Starting Your Own Float Center

I am so excited to announce a new project from the Art of Floating!

Brian, Sandra and the Float Shoppe crew have been working diligently for the past several months to make the art of opening your float center as easy and painless as possible.Our new goal has been to take all the mystery out of opening a float center while educating and empowering our viewers. Visual demonstrations can have such a huge impact on learning and education, and because of that we are stepping into the world of video to help mentor you towards a successful grand opening.

We Need You!

We have a great series of video prepared that cover every detail of opening a float center including insights from experts in sound, electrical, and of course water maintenance. However we know that once we share our videos there are going to be a lot of questions that we didn't think of, and we want to make sure these videos are as comprehensive as possible. That's where we need your help! We are looking for 5 Beta Testers to help us lay the groundwork for an amazing product. For our first round of Beta Testers we are looking for those of you who are brand new to the world of floating or at least the idea of starting a float business. These first videos will be basic, yet eye opening for someone who is in the beginning stages of planning their business.

To Join

Creating educational videos is a huge undertaking, and the price of the finished product will reflect that. However, beta testers can join us in our first round of videos for just $99. Here is what you will get access to as a beta tester:
  • Gain access to our first 3 videos at an extreme discount from future pricing!
  • Receive the PDF guide that accompanies each video.
  • Correspond with me for personal advice regarding opening your float center. Nothing is out of bounds.
  • Gain access to the next round of videos at an extreme discount.
  • Be part of something new, exciting and industry expanding for the Float Community.
Here is what we will ask of you:
  • Detailed feedback regarding the content of our videos and follow-up edits.
  • At least one phone or Skype conversation regarding the content of the videos.
  • We are passionate about our business and we are dedicated to helping floatrepreneurs launch their business successfully, and we hope you are just as excited to learn, collaborate and launch your own float center.
Take Action! Are you thinking about starting your own float center and want to participate? E-mail dylan@theartoffloating.com with where you're at in your starting your business, your geographical location, and why you're eager to participate.