Vaginas and Float Tanks with Guest Host Lindsay Feyer

The gang is joined this week by Lindsay Feyer of Anicca Float Club in Naperville, IL. She tells the story of how she and her husband got into meditation through vipassana classes, became transformed, and then, after floating, realized that opening a float center could be a way to get others to try meditation too. They attended the Float Conference and were surprised by how much there was to learn, from soundproofing to finding affordable float tanks. She talks about how they embraced the learning period in the process of opening and what inspired their center’s name. It's time to talk about vaginas and floating. Lindsay shares about how she felt discomfort in her first float and, now having customers ask questions about stinging in the vagina area, floating while menstruating, and floating after giving birth, realized that this is an issue that needs to be discussed and wrote a blog post. She talks about why discomfort happens and how you can provide information to floaters. But first! In float news, Amy talks about her team’s recent outing to The Escape Game and how, through revealing each individual’s strengths in teamwork, it turned out to be the best employee outing they’ve had. For so many float centers, word of mouth is the best form of marketing, but what does a referral system actually look like? Amy shares how she reviewed Float Nashville’s referral system, filled in the gaps, and is passing along her findings! Have you ever had to help someone out of the tank? Lindsay shares a story of an older gentleman with double knee replacements who floated recently at her center and, after 35 minutes in the tank, called for help to get out. She talks about the precautions she took to do no harm and to help him safely. The Float Shoppe is getting a soundproofing upgrade! Dylan talks about the three-day soundproofing and repainting process and how staff, family, and other helpers showed up to make it happen.


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