Upcoming Patreon changes for 2018

First of all, thanks to everyone who has supported us through Patreon. When we initially launched couldn't have imagined the response we'd receive from the community. Thank you from the bottom of your hearts. In 2018 we are trying something a little different with our $10 Patreon reward. Starting in February, we will be removing all previous photography from Patreon posts and will instead be e-mailing download links to the monthly photo sets to active Patrons at the beginning of each month. Hosting the images on Flickr worked okay, but our new system will ensure you have the highest resolution images possible. This also means that patrons only receive photo sets for the months in which they’ve contributed. If you support us for 5 months in 2018, those 5 photo sets are yours for supporting us during those months. If someone signs up in March, they will not automatically have access to the previous photos sent in January and February. We think this will feel better for our long time supporters, and we think it will feel better for us providing them as well. [bs_image_comparison id='2437'] We haven’t forgotten about our long-time supporters! As a huge thank you for supporting us, any active patron who supported us in 2017 will get access to all of the photo sets we’ve posted in the last year, re-mastered and in higher resolutions.

What this means if you are a current Patron:

  • You will receive a link for every photo set currently available on Patreon so you can access these photos any time even if you discontinue your Patreon support.
  • The photos have been re-mastered so that they are more usable for online marketing. We’ve tweaked things here and there including better lighting, brightness/color correction, and pixelation/noise reduction.
  • Future photo sets will be sent to you via email link rather than through patreon (we'll still notify you via a Patreon message that rewards have been e-mailed out).

What this means if you are not a Patreon supporter:

Sign up now!

By signing up before February 1st, you will gain access to all previous photo collections in their remastered format! it's kind of a no-brainer! If you sign up on February 1st or later, you’ll still receive photo sets for the months in which you are active, but if you want the high-resolution archive of 2017 photos, you’ll want to sign up by the end of January.


What if I want photos but can’t commit to donating through Patreon? That's okay! If you'd prefer to pick and choose the photos you want to use, we’ll be introducing a new gallery with an integrated shopping cart so you can pick and choose individual photos sets that will best suit your needs. The photos will be priced fairly, but the Patreon supported photo collections will always be hands down the best pricing available! Also, every shot put up in Float Collective will always be available on our Flickr account as well for FREE! It's a smaller selection, but a great way to get started with promoting your float center and using it to dress up your marketing. I supported you throughout all of 2017. Will I lose access to the photos you posted last year? No, we’ll be sending out re-mastered versions of all 2017 photos to anyone who is an active Patron by the end of January 31st, 2018. They’ll be delivered straight to your inbox for you to download and use. I contributed for a short period in 2017 but am not an active Patron. Do I still get access to all of the 2017 photos? The full set of 2017 photos will only be sent out to Patrons who are active by the end of January. If you’d like to get access to those, log into Patreon and renew your membership for the month of January. If you decide not to renew, please download any photo sets from previous Patreon posts before they are removed. Will you be removing the photos you’ve added to the free photo set in Float Collective? Nope, any images we’ve uploaded to Float Collective’s Royalty Free Float Images album will remain there.