Unsinkable - an Epilogue

It was such a fun conference! I have so much I was to say and share about this last weekend, but I’m getting married in two days!!! Emily Noren has graciously written a guest blog post for this week. I consider it an epilogue to the speech she gave at the conference. Emily’s book, Unsinkable, details her process of recovering from her eating disorder and addiction through floating. Read it for free and please keep several physical copies in your center for the person this is going to connect with. I connected with her her journey indirectly and am inspired by her story. Emily CoverEmily When I decided to apply to speak at last weekend’s Float Conference, it was in great part because I wanted to express my immense gratitude to the audience, my heroes, because without this industry existing and growing, I wouldn’t have had access to the float tanks in my city that led to my own healing. What I didn’t expect was how what I had to say would connect so personally with each of you listening. Thank you for coming up to me afterwards and telling me the thing I said that meant something to you. Thank you for letting me in on what you’re dealing with in your own life or are helping a family member to work through. These are the things, I learned, that brought us all together last weekend. The reasons why each of us have decided to turn our life’s work toward floating. [caption id="attachment_750" align="alignright" width="200"]255 Emily celebrating her 30th Birthday! Eating cake is one more milestone in her recovery.[/caption] You’ve allowed me to fulfill a dream. You see, something that carried me through the hardest years of my disorder, when I felt like I was so deeply buried underneath anorexia, bulimia, addiction, and anxiety that I would never be able to find my way out, was the picture of me someday helping others who struggle with these issues. As I was talking with each of you last weekend, what kept running through my mind was, “Holy moly..I’m doing it! I’m helping people!” And if I can help by telling my own story, by protesting that full recovery from these issues is absolutely possible, and by describing how floating helped me when the “gold standard” approaches to treatment didn’t, then I’d like to do that. That I have the ability to help others in that way is something I dearly love about myself. What’s swirling in my mind now is how I can do that best, and I welcome your input. A book tour with Unsinkable? What would be impactful to your center and community? Reach me at emilykatenoren@gmail.com.