The Tony Robbins Experience!

It’s the 70th episode of the Art of the Float podcast, and the gang are circling their mics to debrief after last week’s industry roundtable discussion and check in on float center happenings. Engineer Brian also pops on to reflect on the strange, disappointing experience he and Dylan had at a Tony Robbins event in Portland. They went in hungry for motivation and business advice but found themselves the target of sales pitch after sales pitch and feeling taken advantage of. Brian brought his notebook though and shares some insightful tidbits from both Gary Vaynerchuck and Tony Robbins. The good and the bad both offer takeaways for entrepreneurs about providing value to clients. The Float Shack has been seeing a lot of floaters from the Wounded Warrior Project, and Lance reflects on why participating in the program hasn’t been as positive as he’d predicted. Helping people is the goal, and he talks about what types of campaigns he’d rather do that aim to help those in need but are also good for the business. Dylan’s week has been packed with getting leaking and broken pumps back in operation. He and The Float Shoppe crew also closed up early on Monday to sand down, texture, and repaint parts of the walls where salt had caused peeling. Amy decided to bring Float Nashville’s social media completely in house after finally reaching the end of a one-year contract with a social media company that she says was one of the biggest mistakes she’s ever made. She talks about how she’s setting goals and dividing responsibilities among employees to shape their social media in a way that is true to their brand.  

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