165: To Membership or Not to Membership

Should you have a membership? Just one option? An annual option? None at all? Secret memberships? Shareable or not? There are more membership options than granules of salt in a float tank, so we’re here to help you sift through them all. Keep your notebook handy because this episode is loaded with ideas.

Since The Float Shoppe has been open for 8 years, Dylan has some strong feelings about why membership is a must-have for his business, but Drew is contemplating ditching the membership model all together. You’ll hear about entitlement behaviors, lost potential revenue, and schedule blockers… and how to spot the signs that you’re ready for expansion. And what about an inclusive, limited time only membership?

Gloria dices up several ways to leverage memberships to create more frequent visits and how to turn members into your marketing team, as well as how to handle cases where people don’t use the floats they’ve accrued. And you’ll dive into policies and when to hold strong on them - or not.