The Big Water Maintenance Episode

Could there be a higher priority than the maintenance of our tank water, the simple solution that is the cornerstone of what we do? In this episode, Dylan, Amy, and Lance consult on what they’ve found to be the best practices in upholding the quality of tank water. Let’s start at the beginning! Medical vs. agricultural grade Epsom there a difference? Then, Lance explains why he uses a mixing tool for stirring instead of having someone get in the tank to dissolve by hand. Amy uses filtered water in her tanks and shares how you can research the minerals in your local water supply to determine if that would be a good move for you too. Then, let’s keep it looking and smelling clean by establishing routines for measuring and logging levels of H202, pH, alkalinity, specific gravity, temperature, and height. Our hosts share the measurement tools and products they use as well as their frequency and procedures for measurement. Plus, Dylan discloses the most common maintenance mistake that leads to water issues! Have the truly best practices for water maintenance yet been discovered? Dylan, Amy, and Lance discuss experimentation and innovation existing within the guidelines of local regulations. Note: Float Shoppe’s filter-soaking solution: 2-3 ounces bleach added to 5 gallon bucket of water [gallery ids="|Lance's latest chuck wagon racing photo,|Original Lance racing photo"] Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor Float Conference – Show Sponsor Calendly SEOH Peroxide test strips Aquacheck Peroxide test strips Amy’s weed sprayer Spa Perfect Arctic Pure Easy Clear Caring for Your Water video Clean Looking and Smelling Tanks (A Comprehensive Guide) Contact Treeka at the CFC about volunteering at Color Me Rad  

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