The Time Management Episode

As a small business owner, especially of the float center variety, there are always a gazillion demands on your time. Between responsibilities for the shop, self care, family life, and managing all of those extra projects many of us seem to have, it can be overwhelming.

In this episode, the crew discusses how it feels to be late and how to prevent it, as well as all of the tools and methods they use for keeping the demands life on the rails. No matter if you’re a software geek like Kim and Gloria, or a fly-by-the-seat of your pants person like Drew, there are ways to review your priorities and also give yourself some grace about how you manage your time. You’ll hear Gloria’s secret weapon and some of the ways each co-host manages their ADHD tendencies.

FTA Consultant Roundtable
Getting It All Done with ADHD (Kim’s talk at Float Conference)
Kim’s favorite weekly task tracker notepad
The AI-powered task management tool Kim uses

I-Sopod Float Tank
Mindfull Solutions