The Summer Slump

Summertime can be a boss battle for a lot of float centers! When anticipating a slump in bookings, there are options for planning your approach. We discuss how a thoughtfully constructed marketing campaign can not only break this challenge down and into something manageable, but can also be a cost-effective method to fortify presence in your community. This downtime gives us pause where we can be even more attentive to clientele - adding a personal touch to communications, and considering how to best optimize the float environment in response to outside temperatures. Float Nashville makes their announcement official! Amy has entrepreneurship in her blood and talks about the rewards of persistence, facing the unknown with a plan, and how having a creative dreamer for a business partner helps to balance her rational and logistical mindset. We all know how much work goes into owning a float center. Lance, being no exception to that rule, couldn’t join the gang this week. Instead, the show’s producer, Brian, shares with us his split-screen perspective of being behind the scenes, as well as a float client whose goal is to spend more time in the tank. Dylan reflects on the thought process he went through when exploring his views on ‘gamifying’ float therapy to promote business and how he organized a plan to incentivize routine floating.   Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor FloatHelm – Show Sponsor California Float Concepts – Show Sponsor Float Conference Speaker Voting Float Conference Event Tickets Heroic Summer Marketing Campaign Support    

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