The Love Story

Years ago I had moved several times within a year and a half and I was getting sick of it. I was in my mid twenties and I felt like I didn’t have stability. I decided I wanted to find a living situation that was permanent, or at least one that would work for a good long time. Although I never did find permanency in my living situation, this quest did lead me to find permanent purpose, passion and love.

I hopped onto Craigslist and quickly found a well written, very warm post from a girl looking for a roommate. I gave her a call and she let me know that she was only looking for female roommates. For some reason though, she said she may make an exception for me. We agreed on a date for her to show me around.

Her name was Sandra. We immediately knew that we were simpatico and agreed I would move in. In the following months we became very close. Enjoying eachothers company to the point of waiting at home, simply hoping that the other wouldn’t go out with friends after work and instead would come home so that we could continue sharing, laughing and connecting.

Dylan & Sandra

It wasn’t long before we realized we had something very special and wanted to pursue a relationship with each other. The only problem was that we both realized it wasn’t a great idea to live with the person you’re just starting to date. So, I made a fairly quick decision and purchased a condo 3 doors down from hers. All I had ever heard was how difficult buying a home is, but it was incredibly easy. You could say it was meant to be. Dating was a wonderful experience, and only a few short months later Sandra moved in with me.

About a year after first becoming ‘official’ I began seeking out float tanks.