The Sound of Floating

Lance has done some incredible things to optimize audio and sound at The Float Shack, and class is in session! This week, the gang discusses their systems implemented and technology used for playing music into tanks and float rooms and how audio can be used as a tool by floaters to customize their float. But first, Dylan, Amy, and Lance revisit briefly the Float Pod trademark issue to confer about the recent developments, including the videos from Nick, and also discuss how this issue has brought to light the opportunity for all of us to step forward as leaders in the industry.   At the Float Shack, floaters hear ambient music while they’re showering, are able to listen to music for 15 minutes at the beginning of their float (allowing them to experience what the music will sound like bringing them out of their float!), and have the option of using their own phone to play music or a guided meditation by connecting it to a bluetooth capable receiver! Lance brings up a good question too of how to bring someone out of their float who has chosen to play music throughout. Finding the right music to bring someone out of their float is almost an art. Something gentle enough to not define their experience but something with enough to momentum to be sure to wake them up. Hear about how Amy’s partner, Mark, created his own track complete with rooster sounds and phone rings! What tracks do you use to bring folks out of their floats? Post them in the comment section below! [playlist type="video" images="false" ids="1256,1255"] Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor Float Conference – Show Sponsor Consulting information with Dylan World’s Most Relaxing Tune Insignia Bluetooth Receiver Alarm Clock Pro Vidsonix Transducers Lepai Amplifier

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