The Oz Effect

This week in float news, Lance shares the exciting work that the Canadian Float Collective is doing to get floating covered by health insurance in Canada. Our hosts weigh in on what they thought of the Dr. Oz feature on float tanks and question whether floating is being portrayed as trendy. 111 Days of Floating is a project being done by Dustin Erickson of Float Space. Our hosts highlight this and other examples of people who have benefited from frequent floating over time. [caption id="attachment_814" align="alignnone" width="700"]Zen Room Remodel In Progress New float tank room plans using Google Sketchup[/caption]

Dylan announces a new addition coming to the Float Shoppe and how he and Sandra are once again planning for construction and soundproofing. Dylan, Lance, and Amy each share how they began to educate and organize themselves in the early stages of planning their float centers, from solidifying a vision to learning about health regulations. With health regulations being so different in each of their cities, they discuss the pros and cons of each.

Links: Floataway Float Tanks - (Podcast Sponsor) Canadian Floating Collective - Dr. Oz video link - Floating for 111 days (Facebook page) - Emily’s Noren’s book and Float Conference speech - I-Sopod Float Tanks - Designing with Google Sketchup -