The Last Episode with our Crew (All Good Things...)

The Last Episode with our Crew (All Good Things...)

Adult language in this episode

Well, here we are. You might have known it was coming, but we didn't want to admit it. But it's time to start wrapping up this Art of the Float podcast thing... or at least slow it waaaaay down. It's been an incredible journey!

For this episode, you might want to pop some popcorn, grab a beverage of choice, and join the crew for some twists and turns down memory lane - with a glimpse into the future too. We'll catch you up on some big news since our previous episode aired, like the fact that Drew is out and he's living the post-float life already. He shares some tips for selling and a few things that he would have done differently after reflecting on the process from the other side. You'll hear about Gloria's new baby - the Great Lakes Sports Hub, and why it was her last. Kim unravels some of the tangle of health issues she's been facing, and why she feels torn between her bubble and "the big bubble".

You'll even hear from Producer Brian, as he pops in and shares the story of that fateful day his toe shoes led him to the Float Shoppe and started the sweetest Bromance and business partnership ever. And because we wanted the whole family to help put a bow on this adventure, two of our original co-hosts, Lance and Amy join the conversation too! You'll hear why Amy decided to let her second center go and how she has rebounded and found happiness in one of her first loves. Lance is also out of the float industry, though it followed him for many years after he left. (Tip: If you're thinking about selling your center, you're going to want to hear this!)

You'll hear stories of burnout and recovery, mental health hardships and triumphs, and how hard it can be to let go of the identity of being a float center owner. And while it might seem like a lot of folks are exiting the industry, you'll hear from the crew about reflections on where we've been, and hope for where the float industry is going. It's not a sad story, but it's one that - like this podcast - is evolving.

From the bottoms of all our salty hearts, we thank you for listening for all of these years. It's been utterly fulfilling and healing and inspiring to share our stories with you in each episode. We've often said that we forget that anyone even listens to us, but we're thankful that you've allowed us to share our lives and all that we've learned along the way. Thank you to those who paved the way, and thank you to those who will keep it going.

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