The Graham & Ashkahn Episode!

It’s a float podcaster party! Graham and Ashkahn from Float Tank Solutions/Float On/The Float Conference join us this week. With Dylan, they discuss the current hot topic of the Float Tank Association (FTA) and the need for the organization. They’ve been on the road, attending different health department events to discuss float tank water sanitation with the health inspectors and experts across several states. They hold nothing back as they hit another favorite topic: Groupon. They talk about when they think it’s a good idea to run a campaign, and how we should be cautious about coordinating efforts with other centers. The conversation evolves to exploring the growth in the industry and how centers differentiate themselves when multiple businesses are in the same city. Dylan also shares some personal news that’s extremely exciting!   Show Links Float Helm – Show Sponsor Escape Pod – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Patreon