The Float Shack

Lance is taking us through a deep dive of The Float Shack, beginning with how he and his business partner, Matthew, discovered floating while visiting Portland for a concert, tried it for the first time at Cloud 9 float spa, and soon formulated a plan to open their own float center. He talks about the struggles and huge knowledge gaps experienced in the process of opening, the lessons he's learned, and how he and Matthew have worked to cultivate a strong relationship. The aspect of his center that he's most proud of is his space, a lobby with thoughtfully planned areas to engage clients, opportunities to stimulate their senses, and future plans for a members only room. His vision of his center as a sensory spa means clients are coming for so much more than just a float. But first! In float news...Amy talks about how the last year and half has been particularly difficult as an entrepreneur and how reaching burnout was a wake up call that spending funds and time on travel and self-care is essential. She's currently podcasting from Las Vegas where she is making note of how the decedent hotels and casino's create a "wow" effect for guests, details she plans to bring back to her float center. Information has come out that test kits from Taylor Technologies provide accurate readings for float tank water, and the Float Shoppe discussed at their recent staff meeting that they're making the switch from test strips. He's looking forward to more accurate H2O2 readings in addition to saving money on not having to buy test strips. Lance had what he considers a failed expo experience due to a noisy environment where it was difficult to have conversations. He did manage to sell some memberships though and talks about how offering a one-day-only discount attracted sign-ups. We received an important Speakpipe from a floater who had a negative first float experience due to getting chilly and receiving a disappointing response when she brought it to the attention of the staff. Dylan, Amy, and Lance discuss the topic of ideal water temperature for floating and how to respond when a client is too cold. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="|Amy's Vegas hotel view,|The Float Shack,|The "shack" inside the Float Shack,|Front desk of the Float Shack,|Inside the "shack" inside the Float Shack,|The Float Shack Lobby,|The Float Shack at Healthy Living"]

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