Starting NH Float Therapy

Drew Kane is in the buildout stage of opening New Hampshire Float Therapy and joins the show this week to talk about how he turned what once seemed like an impossible dream became into reality. He tells his story of securing financial support, finding a location, and working with a contractor on the buildout. He shares what he’s learned about the importance of educating your contractor about the nuances of float center construction. Drew and our hosts also tackle the tough questions of knowing when to leave your day job and commit 100% to float center operations and when to start hiring employees. Drew also talks about the challenge of creating marketing around a new business, developing a social media presence, and educating the community about floating. He’s working on some amazing foat programs within the community, including making floating a part of drug rehabilitation programs, veteran services, and teen programs. Lance is back after taking some time away and shares how it’s impacted his burnout. Amy is preparing marketing to announce her second float center and is finding that she’s surprised by how little panic she’s feeling. She was however feeling the panic of the summertime slump in business but was surprised by what she found when she compared this July’s revenue to the last couple years. In an effort to move toward being paperless at Float Nashville, she’s invested in a couple Chromebooks and a Jotform subscription. Dylan talks about something new that the Float Shoppe is trying out, encouraging tipping by adding a tip prompt to credit and debit transactions. He talks about his hesitation behind this decision despite Sandra and the staff’s advocation for it. Amy and Lance share their thoughts on tipping and float centers.

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California Float Concepts

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