Starting A Place To Float

The gang is joined this week by Aaron Douglas, who is in the process of opening A Place to Float in Indianapolis. Just as he decided to turn his love of floating into a business, he and his wife found out that they were pregnant but decided to move forward with their vision of the float center anyway. He shares how they went about the arduous task of finding funding for a six-tank center, pursuing bank loans, crowd-investing, and finally having luck with simply asking people for money. He discusses the investment model he established so that he had investors’ support but didn’t sacrifice control of the business. Dylan has been working with Aaron as a consultant for about a year, and Aaron talks about why having that support and guidance has been instrumental to his center’s growth. Dylan, though, has been inspired by Aaron’s email list. Aaron talks about his approach to lead generation and how he found his potential customers.Finally, he shares the things he wishes he knew before starting this journey. Amy had a few potential clients ask her this week what they could expect from floating, and she talks about how those conversations prompted her to remember to go back to the basics when talking about floating. What are the important points to cover when giving your “elevator pitch”? She also received a free, helpful resource this week, Sujan Patel’s Customer Advocacy Playbook, and shares why others might too find it useful for developing a float ambassador program. Lance has been working with a local graphic designer to redo The Float Shack’s logo, going along with new print material and website redesign. He discusses why he chose to go with a local designer for this project as opposed to crowdsourcing, which he has done for previous projects. Dylan shares some changes happening at the Float Shoppe, including opening on Tuesdays following deep cleaning in the morning. They’ve been toying with the idea of switching to running floats on odd hours instead of even hours, and Lance shares why making that switch has worked so well for The Float Shack. They’re also moving toward a new membership structure that will be more simple and will hopefully attract more members. [caption id="attachment_1518" align="aligncenter" width="300"]aptf_logo-01 A Place To Float's logo design[/caption]

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