Sound Proofing with Tobin Cooley

Tobin Cooley is a board certified acoustical engineer and president of Listen Acoustics and joins the show to talk about managing sound in and around your float center. Tobin is in the business of making buildings sound good, whether it's a concert hall, recording studio, or float center, by blocking out the sound you don't want and enhancing the sound you do want. He’s taking questions submitted by the float community and dives into the topics of echo chambers, mass loaded vinyl, the value of specialty products, optimizing soundproofing on a budget, the meaning of STC, IIC, and OITC ratings, avoiding weak spots in soundproofing, and the importance of double-stud walls between float rooms. At The Float Shack this week, a hair dye incident wasn't remedied by filtering the water with a carbon filter and resulted in canceling floats. Lance shares how they finally got the color out and how they handled contacting the client. Adding to the woes resulting from the Wounded Warrior campaign, a coupon holder took to a social media group to vent her frustrations about The Float Shack's limits on the days the coupon can be used, which resulted in a long feed of others jumping in with their opinion. Lance shares how he responded to the comments online and how he's trying to find the positive aspects of the campaign. A health inspector arrived unexpectedly at Float Nashville, but it was a different, newly trained inspector who wrongly asserted what he thought was a violation in front of a new client. Amy talks about he she handled communicating with the inspector and health department. The Float Nashville staff also went out to a restaurant for a blues jam/staff meeting. One of the pumps at the Float Shoppe went down on Monday night, and Dylan was able to order a new one and replace it by opening in Tuesday. They've also launched their new single-tiered membership, and Dylan discusses the details of the membership and why he expects it will be popular with clients.  

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