Skip burnout and Stay Inspired

My first year of opening the Float Shoppe was about creating new skills within myself and trying to learn the ins and outs of every facet of the business. My second year has been about discovering which of those skills fill me up and make me happy/fulfilled and which ones become a chore and tedious. Delegation You can't spin all the plates. As much as you care about every facet of your business, you will need to decide what you don't need 100% control over anymore and can delegate to others. The things that you found to be very inspiring and fun to work on in the past may be tedious today. It's important to keep your attention on things that fill you up. So as your business moves forward, you have to decide on what no longer needs your direct attention. You may even need to cut out things that do fill you up so that you can continue to focus on moving your business forward and feed new fun projects. Scheduling Tetris When I first started scheduling, I was so excited to manage our hours and play a sort of Tetris game. But that excitement wore off very quickly and I found scheduling wasn't really filling me up. Thankfully Sandra was very excited to take it over. I'm not sure if she ended up not liking it or if she was simply too busy, but either way she ended up delegating to another employee who is very hungry for the chance to do scheduling. Some day she will probably find it no longer excites her and delegate it to someone else who wants to take on the challenge. And thus is the beauty of delegation, someone is almost always excited to take on the tasks that you no longer find rewarding! Stay Inspired I believe that in order to be a successful business owner, manager, employee and person, you must keep yourself inspired and pushing yourself in new, fun and difficult directions. Delegation is an excellent step in staying on this purpose.