Sinking to the Bottom

When you hit those really tough times along the journey of opening and operating your float center, this is the episode to turn to remember that you're not alone. We’re sharing your stories of catastrophes, setbacks, and chaos. They happen to all of us and offer lessons that we can all learn from. Tank water flooding down the hallways. A portable float tank smashing onto the highway on its way to a music festival. Empty tanks and bills piling up. Contractor mistakes leading to failed inspections. Getting this call: “Uhhh, blood in the tank. What’s the protocol?”

But first! In float news...Portland's snowpocalypse has been devastating to the Float Shoppe’s schedule and income for January. There was plenty of time though for a local morning program to pay a visit and film a live segment. Dylan talks about the opportunities that exist if you haven’t yet reached out to your local TV stations.

Amy has been working on Float Nashville's rebranding and has reached the overwhelming stage of replacing all of the old branding. She shares advice on how to plan ahead so that this stage isn't so staggering. Have you heard of geo-fencing? Amy describes this location-based marketing strategy that she's experimenting with. Lance got his newly remodeled hydronic Oasis tank up and running, liner free! He’s considering if this remodel will be the right move for all of his tanks. Previously, The Float Shack hasn't used waivers, but Lance explains why he decided to start using them and the surprising ways it's improved the overall client experience. He also talks about the vision of The Float Shack as a sensory spa.

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