Shane Stott's Float Documentary Kickstarter

Shane Stott's Float Documentary Kickstarter

The gang this week is joined by Shane Stott, author of The Float Tank Cure, to talk about his latest documentary project. He shares what inspired him to embark on this project and how he hopes that the documentary will help bring floating to the mainstream. Although Kickstarter has been a nerve-racking roller coaster, he’s been tackling the challenge of getting the film funded through reaching out to float centers and creating exciting rewards for pledging, such as being included in the documentary’s float center directory or even having your center as a location for filming. Shane also addresses the issue of Zen Float Tents being used for commercial use and shares the company’s stance. Lance had a stressful week due to unexpected issues within the business popping up and commanding his attention away from other plans, so he's been using the float tank quite a bit. He, Dylan, and Amy talk about the challenge of finding balance and the juggling act of friends, family, and owning a business. The washing machine went down at Float Nashville, which meant that Amy had to find time to squeeze in trips to the laundromat. A breakdown in communication happened among the staff that resulted in some client emails not being answered, but it turned into an opportunity to discuss the importance of staff accountability in a small business. The Float Shoppe's main computer went down due to the hard drive, so producer Brian, also the Shoppe's IT guy, pops on to talk about the importance of backing up your center's computer and not just relying on the cloud. He shares how he's setup backup and security systems for the Shoppe's new computer. Dylan also talks about the tough, final decisions he and Sandra have been deliberating regarding their upcoming 1-tier membership structure.

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