SEO Expert Mike Arnesen


The gang is joined this week by Mike Arnesen, founder of of Upbuild, a digital marketing agency in Portland, to discuss SEO (search engine optimization), how float centers can utilize SEO, as well as his own journey as an entrepreneur. While working at MySpace shortly after graduating from college, Mike learned about SEO and became fascinated. Determined to make a career out of it, he began blogging and speaking at conferences about pushing the boundaries of SEO until eventually breaking out and starting his own company. Where does a float center start with SEO? Mike has examined Dylan, Lance, and Amy's sites and explains what he was looking for and why those attributes lead to good SEO. He offers advice about where inspiration for original content, such as for a blog, can be found right within your center. How important is SEO for a float center, to be the first listed in a search result? Mike discusses the rate of users who click on the first result versus the second and third results and also describes opportunities that a business can seize to be that first result. Curious what people are searching for? Mike shows us how to use Google AdWords to find out how often people are searching for certain phrases. If you're looking to bring on an SEO advisor, Mike lists the red flags you should be aware of when hiring someone. He also discusses the ideal amount of time and energy to invest in SEO in conjunction with other marketing. Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor Float Conference – Show Sponsor Consulting information with Dylan Upbuild Fibromyalgia Flotation Project Medi-Float Program Moz Local Google AdWords

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