Selling Your Float Center

Today we’ll be speaking with Anthony and Airlie, who recently decided to sell their float center, The Float Room, in Adelaide, Australia. They tell us their story of how they met and realized that they could combine Airlie’s skills in reception and business management with Anthony’s electrician background to open a float center, which started by running one tank from their home. Being the first float center in Adelaide, they got a lot of weird looks at first but talk about how they reached out to police, sufferers of PTSD, and anyone who they felt could benefit. Anthony and Airlie talk about the biggest obstacles they faced running a commercial float center versus running the one tank from their home. Although The Float Room experienced success, it was many factors that led to their realization that this wasn’t the right fit for them and decided to put it up for sale. For anyone interested in putting their center on the market, they share what they learned about gauging the worth of your business, involving a broker, and reducing the assumption that selling your business is bad thing. Amy returned from Vegas this week ready to hit the ground running but has been set back by both bronchitis and back issues. Not being able to be in the office has slowed down her progress on things like taxes, but Mark and and her husband set up a microphone to podcast straight from bed! The Float Shoppe has been bouncing back from the challenges of winter of the website being hacked and an unexpected snowstorm dramatically impacting sales. Added stress lately has come from multiple tank and facilities issues seemingly popping up all over the place. Dylan reflects on how he’s transitioned to spending more time in the Shoppe to work on those repairs when it’s so difficult leaving Sandra and baby Erica at home. He also talks about the Shoppe’s new campaign to raise funds to be donated to the ACLU. Show Links Floataway – Show Sponsor FloatHelm – Show Sponsor Consulting information with Dylan Reach out to Airlie:, (04)1849-5393 The Float People  

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