130: Rise Roundtable - Giving Client Intros

ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING: This live recording includes some unpredictable language, and an epic f-bomb. Listen when the littles aren’t around. Dylan and Brian, along with special guests Kim Hannan and Jeremy Jacob, took the stage at the recent Rise Float Gathering in St. Louis to facilitate a conversation across float center owners. Dylan asked the group what they include in the orientation delivered to new float clients. In this special episode, you’ll hear recommendations to take 15-20 minutes with each client, as well as those who just cover the basics and get out of the room. You’ll learn how to implement an attitude of “chillitude”, but maintain a sacred space and ensuring each conversation with a client is approached mindfully. Listen for ideas about using video intros, starting the float experience before they arrive, and letting your client take control. Lee and Glenn Perry also share the intro methods they’ve used for over 30 years. The conversation evolves to include the judgments we unintentionally place on our clients, and how we can unknowingly influence their perception of their own experience as they exit the tank. You’ll hear a few great questions to ask to help you connect with your customers and help them have the best experience, and how to overcome if they don’t. Give it a listen to see who wins the great debate on minimalist versus comprehensive introductions. Show Links Float Helm – Show Sponsor Floataway – Show Sponsor Pro Float Products Patreon