Rise - A Float Gathering

The creators of “Rise - A Float Gathering” join the show to discuss this new, annual event to be held April 28-30 in St. Louis. Kevin, Jake, and Marcio started Float STL in 2015 and noticed the float community was hungry for more opportunities to gather and connect. As the industry grows larger, they want to provide a space to tap back into the spirit of the float...and also to show everyone beautiful St. Louis! They walk us through what they've planned for the weekend and the speakers they've lined up. Amy and Mark had an occurrence this week that forced them remember how they've separated their roles and responsibilities as business partners and why it's important to respect one another’s role. Amy discusses the complexities of being a manager and business partner and how difficult it is to define in a manual. Also reflecting on his role as a manager this week, Dylan and Sandra have been grappling with how they handled the firing of a dear employee last month and feeling that there was more they could have done. He and Amy discuss how managers aren't perfect but can learn from each experience and move forward.

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